The Sandy Springs Mission began in 1999 as a program serving disadvantaged families living in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Over the years that followed, the Mission adjusted its focus to address the immediate need of lowering the high school drop-out rate among educationally at-risk Latino children in the community.

As a bi-lingual, ordained minister who himself had experienced the first-hand challenges of living in another country, attending school where the subjects are taught in your second language, Mr. Lora was particularly well-suited to lead the children’s program initiatives. Starting with just 12 students in 2001, the Mission provided volunteers to assist students in completing daily homework assignments.  Weekly Bible study classes began to be included as well and continue to be an aspect of all programs offered.

Today, the Mission transforms families through education by providing year-round academic enrichment, life-skills, and leadership programs to students attending local public schools.    With more than 260 students and their parents enrolled across a variety of diverse programs, the Mission is creating a legacy of hope for these families and the Sandy Springs community.