The Latino graduation rate in Georgia has been on the rise (38% in 2001 to 62% in 2015), but there is still much ground to cover.  We are happy to report that over 90% of the current students in the Mission’s programs will earn their diplomas – making many the first in their families to do so.

How do we achieve such a high rate of success? We start early and nurture our students from 1st-12th grade. 

  • We partner with parents, helping them navigate the school system - an experience many of our parents have never had before.

  • And, we have strong relationships with the school administrators and teachers to insure each child and their family receives unique support that continues throughout their educational experience.

Our programs are designed to transform our students’ lives, and create a lasting legacy for their families.  We believe that education, both academic and spiritual, leads to new opportunities and inspires hope for very bright futures.

Our target audience: The Mission serves at-risk, primarily Latino, students from Lake Forest and High Point Elementary Schools, Ridgeview Charter Middle School and Riverwood International Charter High School.

We consider a student at-risk if he or she comes from a home where:

  • English is not spoken as the primary language;

  • the parents are not able to help their children with schoolwork because of their own low-level of education; and/or

  • the parents cannot pay for the extra help necessary for their child to succeed in school.